An update and a reveal

Things are going so well regarding the release of Three Girls and a Wedding! I have all of my edits back, my proof read through, and a beautiful cover courtesy of Tamra Westberry. All that’s left now is my final read through and formatting for e-versions.

The result of all of that is that I now have a release date: Three Girls and a Wedding will be released on Thursday, October 28th.

I’m so excited!

I love this part of the publishing process. When it feels like everything is going so well, when you’re so close to getting it out there you can taste it. It makes all those months of writing, editing, and doubting worth it.

I really love this book. It’s been so cool for me to realize how much I’ve improved as a writer between my first and second books. It makes me excited to think about how much better I’ll be three books down the road, or five, or ten. It’s so important to me to keep growing as an author and I’m proud of myself for taking that seriously.

You know that cover I keep talking about? How pretty and awesome it is? Well here it is. I hope you think it’s as cute as I do!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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