New Three Girls and a 2015 update!


There’s a brand new Three Girls short story!
lol3_rachelSnow Kissed is a short story set in the world of the Three Girls! It focuses on Bella, Kiki’s cousin, and her week spent babysitting with the girls. It was really fun to revisit the girls and I hope you check out the story! You can find it for a limited time in the LOL Volume 3 Anthology. For a short time the Anthology of 16 stories is only $.99! Some of my favorite romantic comedy writers, including USA Today and NY Times bestsellers, are in this anthology with me. You can find it here:

Amazon,  Amazon UK,  Barnes and Noble,  Kobo,  iTunes,  Google


I wanted to share an update on the coming year and what I have planned. I can’t tell you how many times I get the question, “When will the next Ransom/Lovestruck/Three Girls book be out?” I LOVE knowing that you guys are excited about these characters and looking forward to reading more about them! I can’t give you exact dates right now, but I thought a brief overview was in order 🙂


The first book in 2015 is something brand new–Persuaded. I’m really excited about this chick lit novel, a modern version of one of my very favorite books–Persuasion, by Jane Austen. This book is just about ready for editing so it should be available in the next month or so. I can’t wait to see what you think!


Book 2 in 2015 is Sofie’s book! Starstruck is coming along really well!  I think I’ll have a cover reveal in the next few weeks and the book should be ready early in the spring. There’s plenty of Lizzie and Thomas in this book. Sofie’s book WILL NOT be the last book in this series. There’s still lots of Lizzie, Thomas, Callie, Charlie, Jackson, and Medina family fun to come!


Book 3 of the new year is going to be in the Ransom series. I have some news about this book and I’m a little nervous it might make some people unhappy! I know a lot of you are really excited for Lennon’s book–I’m excited to write it! I’ve been going over (and over and over) my plot notes and my calendar and I just can’t figure out a way around this–I think Lennon’s books needs to be pushed back because Levi’s book has to come next. I know Lennon fans will be sad that his book won’t be the next Ransom book, but there are so many things that need to happen with Levi before Lennon’s story can be told. I am confident I can still write Lennon’s book in 2015, it just won’t be next.

In happy news, I’m REALLY liking the stuff I have planned for all of the Ransom characters in Levi’s book. I think you guys will be happy with it. And Lennon’s books will be here before you know it! 🙂

Three Girls

There will be a new Three Girls book in 2015! My initial plan is to release this book in the summer. I always miss the girls when I’m writing other books so I’m REALLY looking forward to getting back to Annie, Ginny, Jen, and Kiki!

…and something new!

I also have plans for a few novels in a brand new series. It’s always a little scary to step away from series and characters that my readers are invested in but I’m SO excited for the new series. I think it kind of has a Three Girls feel to it, so I’m hoping you guys will like it. The challenge, of course, will be balancing the new stuff with the series you guys are already into. I promise to work really hard to keep wait times between books as short as I can!

On that note, I should probably get to writing! Let me know if you have any questions. I hope the new year is treating you all wonderfully so far. It’s freeeeeeezing here!



20 thoughts on “New Three Girls and a 2015 update!

  1. Thanks for the update!! Looking forward to all the books! I am currently reading Redeem, and loving it!

    Jennifer Nielsen

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  2. I might be alone, but I just read the Three Girls book in LOL, and it did not feel happily ever after, it felt like it just stopped. She most certainly still has her V card and I am waiting to see what Scott’s all about! Why stop???

  3. I am loving the starstruck books I love Thomas, is Sofie and the movie star continue to lovestruck at Christmas and if yes then plz send me a link to it because I want to read it but don’t know where to buy it from as I can’t find it on Amazon. I only want to buy that book no other books.
    Thank you for all these amazing books.

    • Hi, Amy. Lovestruck at Christmas is about Thomas and Lizzie. Sofie and the Moviestar is only available in the LOL Anthology right now but it will be published on its own soon.

  4. Hey I love all of you books that I’ve read so far. I was curious with your book Snow Kissed – is there going to be another book that concludes what happens in this book. Let me know I would love to know what happens

  5. Just read Snowkissed and got so into it I am disappointed it ended. Please say there is going to be more of the story between Bella and Scott?! I love your books, when I found them I was unsociable for a month just reading! Looking forward to many more.

  6. You never seize to amaze me Racheal and I can’t belive you have another 3 girls book coming out soon you are my favorite author never stop being awesome and never stop writing

  7. I just finished the a ransom series this weekend and am devastated that u have to wait for the next book as I really really enjoyed them! Any idea ion what month we are hoping for the next book to be released??

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