There’s a new love in my life

This month has been amazing! Three Girls and a Leading Man has been released and the free promo for Baby went better than I could have imagined. My books are doing really well and I’m getting some good reviews. There is nothing better than knowing people are digging your books!

I wanted to do something fun to celebrate, so I went out on Monday and picked out a brand new iPhone 4S. The phone came in today and I am already in love with it. I’m not the most techy person, and having a smart phone was never super important to me. Clearly I just didn’t know what I was missing! Did you know you could put all your music on an iPhone and it would play it just like an iPod?? You probably did, as most people now live in the 21st century, but I didn’t! It’s so cool! I am already having lots of fun having Siri do stuff for me and I’ve been downloading lots of apps. The camera has more megapixels than my real camera and Lucy has posed for some very lovely shots.

Hopefully I will manage to exert some self control tomorrow, so I don’t end up spending all of my time fooling around with the phone. I am in the outlining process for my next book. It feels very, very strange not to be writing about Jen, Annie, and Ginny. Hopefully once I get writing the new character will feel just as familiar to me. I’m really excited about the plot for this book and I can’t wait to get going on it.

I’m going to set myself a word count goal of 8,000 words by Sunday night. It looks like we’re actually going to get some winter weather here in Michigan, so I plan to shut myself up inside and write, write, write. Please bug me on twitter and fb to keep me honest:)

Happy Friday everyone!


9 thoughts on “There’s a new love in my life

  1. Awww I am so sad that you won’t be writing anymore about Annie, Jen, and Gennie!! I love reading and I had the day off and found Three girls and a baby, and I couldn’t put it down, I ended up reading all three books the same day. I love these girls and would love to keep reading but since you won’t be writing anymore about them I am totally excited to see what you come out with next. I also love seeing movie replicas of the books… I would so love to see these three books as a movie. Just food for thought Haha anyways keep up the good work!!

    • Thank you Nikki! I am so glad you liked them. I’m going to miss Annie, Jen and Ginny too. I’m working on something different right now but I’m pretty sure you’ll see the Three Girls again someday!

    • Hi Jordyn! I would recommend reading the books in order–Baby, Wedding, then Leading Man. You won’t be lost if you read them out of order but the later books will give away the ending of the early ones:) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Hi, Rachel,
    I stumbled across your trilogy while flipping through my Kindle last night on the hunt for a new chick-lit read, preferably by a fellow indie author. I am excited to start your first book! Your cover, price and title made me go, “I have to check this out!”

    As a fellow writer I’ve found your blog, your books…your journey…very inspiring and interesting. And definitely entertaining! Your writing (both the first book in your series that I’ve started reading, and your blog) inspire me to get out there and put my 2nd book out on the e-shelves and just go-go-go! Shoot for that writer rockstar goal! 🙂

    I’ve always wanted to be a “chick lit” author and while my first book is of the travelogue/personal narrative genre, I am excited about beginning my own chick-lit/fiction journey as a growing author. You’re just the inspiration I need right now and your book is just the read I’ve been searching for! Thank you.

    I look forward to following your blog and reading your books; and maybe we can even proofread or edit or review for one another in the future. Or “guest spot” on each other’s blogs. Who knows. 🙂 Editing and proofreading are areas as an indie author that I’m very green in. I’m my own proofreader and editor but I know the importance of getting others’ opinions. Am curious as to how you find your beta readers and proofreaders.

    Anyhow I wish you all the best of luck with your writing career and marketing endeavors. It’s great to hear how you’re doing it and what you’re finding to be good, not so good, etc. Keep up the great work, girl! You definitely have a bright career ahead of you in the writing world!

    All the Best,

    • Hi, Savannah! Thank you so much for stopping by. I am so excited for your publishing journey! I sent you an email at your blog with probably way more info than you ever wanted to know about editing:) Talk to you soon!

  3. I love the books. Im so sad that there wont be anymore 😦
    It would be amazing to see the books made into films xx
    What other books do you have out? — I would love to read them

    • Hey, Chloe! Thank you so much, I am so thrilled that you liked them. I would love to see my books on screen someday–it’s one of my dreams! So far the Three Girls books are the only ones I have out but I am working on something new and I hope to have it out early in the spring. Keep checking back here for updates! Thanks again!

  4. A couple of days ago I got Baby as part of that free promo. I just loved it! I finished it, and immediately had to buy and read the second one. Then the third. They were so fabulous! I finished the whole series in three days, reading whenever I wasn’t working or feeding my husband. I’m really sad there won’t be any more Ginnie, Jen or Annie. I’m even going to miss Kiki! I am looking forward to whatever you come up with next. Who knows! Maybe in the future there will be a Danny book, so we’ll get to see our old friends again. (Or so I can hope!) =)

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