The highs and lows

I hate this part of the writing process. Hate it. When I haven’t gotten into any kind of flow yet and every word feels forced. When I’m sure everything I’ve written so far is terrible.

I’m taking part in a little challenge over on the kindleboards. A bunch of authors are trying to get to 60k words during the month of February. This is like NaNoWriMo on steroids. But hey, NaNo turned out really good for me (almost 5,000 people have downloaded my NaNo novel, Three Girls and a Leading Man, in the three and half weeks it has been available!) so I’m hoping this will have a similar result on my productivity. But so far, it’s been rough.

I keep reminding myself that this is the first novel I have written that isn’t about Annie, Ginny and Jen. And it took me a while to really get to know those characters. It’s only normal that I would have a bit of a rough time getting used to a whole new set of people. They don’t feel like friends yet. And it’s really hard for me to write about people who don’t feel like friends.

At the end of my writing session tonight, I had a bit of a brainwave. If I follow it through it will take this story in a different direction. I think that might be a good thing. It will take some thinking about, but maybe this is that moment where things start to take shape.

And that is my favorite part of the writing process. That almost magical moment where it all just clicks in my brain. When I know who these characters are, what they are doing, and where they’re all going to end up. Where does that come from, that certainty in how things will go? I have no idea, but I’m addicted to that feeling. It’s the reason I keep writing, even when things aren’t working. Even when I’m tired after work and all I want to do is lay on the couch and watch Vampire Diaries. It’s the reason I stay up way too late writing despite needing to be up early. I’m always in search of that elusive, magic moment.

Will the brainwave tonight result in that magic? I’m not sure. But I do know that if it doesn’t, I’ll keep writing until I find it. It’s what I do.




3 thoughts on “The highs and lows

  1. Hi again, Rachel!
    I know that addicting feeling, girl! It’s why some many writers…write. Sometimes the words flow organically, sometimes they feel absolutely contrived. I think that’s all part of trying to achieve and re-achieve that feeling. Kinda like happiness. If we were always in a state of happiness then happiness wouldn’t really be that special thing that it is. It’s all the ups and downs and ins and outs of writing–the process can be a little agonizing at times, but always well worth it and that magical feeling will come!

    I’m positive you’ll hit your stride again and run with it. I’ve recently started my first chick-lit and am blowing through it like crazy. Which is still surprising. It’s amazing to feel that rush–that special writing feeling/magical moment–and I love getting to know my characters more and more. But it is definitely tough to write characters that don’t feel like your friends, like you say. Hey, maybe play that to your advantage. Put a strange not-so-likable spin on one of your characters? See where that takes the story? Maybe you’re not feeling so close or friendly with them because the writing muse dictates you shouldn’t.

    I’m very eager to see what you come up with and where your next book takes you. Congrats again on the success of the NaNoWriMo product and your trilogy, over all. You’re a huge inspiration for me. I often check to see your Amazon ranking and it’s so impressive. I hope to be as successful. Go indie authors!!

    Take care and keep writing. And when the muse isn’t right, it’s okay to take a small step back and watch a bit of Vampire Diaries or chill out with a glass of wine. ;0


  2. Hi Rachel – It’s Karen (Sarah’s mom)… Sarah just told me about your books, so I decided to try them out. I read all 3 in less than a week (I love them)! When does the next one come out??? Great job, and ever impressive. I really love all the MI references 🙂

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