Something really cool happened today. I went to add up my Amazon sales, like I do every day (usually more than once. Man, it’s so nice that amazon gives us these reports daily, but it also makes for some obsessive behavior on my part), and noticed that I just passed a pretty big milestone. I’ve sold more than 30,000 copies of the books in the Three Girls series in 2012.

I can’t tell you how happy–and shocked– this makes me. I never in a million years thought I would see numbers like that. And I really didn’t think I would see those numbers in just two months. It’s madness!

For everyone who has read one of my books, recommended them, reviewed them, tweeted about them, or shared them with a friend, can I just say THANK YOU. You rock more than I can possibly say. You have helped my wildest dreams to actually come true. How many people get to say that?

I really can’t thank you guys enough. What I can do is try to make my next book as good as I possibly can. So I’m gonna go work on that for a while. But please know I am truly thankful to everyone who has given my books a chance.

My readers are awesome!



4 thoughts on “Awesomesauce

  1. I cant wait for books written by you. I love it when there is a trilogy because you really get to know the characters. Please get the next book oh soon

  2. I love your books Rachel! I looked forward to them so much that I began taking an earlier and earlier lunch break so I could get back to them! Thank you for the positive words on the Detroit area. It’s nice to hear good things about our state once and a while! I really enjoyed your characters exploring the area while I read along saying, “I’ve been there!” Can’t wait for your new book!

    • Thanks, Dana! I’m really glad you like the Detroit aspects of the stories. It was really important to me to represent my home town well! I love books set in places I’ve never been, so I wanted to show Detroit off a little bit, both for strangers to the area and those of us who love it:) Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!

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