I have a SERIOUS problem. I’m leaving for vacation in a few days and I have no idea what books I want to take with me!  I’m not sure if I want to read chicklit or YA or some kind of thriller. It’s a beach vacation so I definitely want it to be light and easy reading. I’m a pretty fast reader, and I plan to read pretty much all day, so my book list is essential! Does anyone have any suggestions?

Speaking of the vacation, I’m so pumped for it! Like, so SO pumped! I’m going on a cruise with some of my best friends and it’s going to be a blast. We’ll be hitting Key West and Cozumel. I’m hoping for hot weather and cold drinks for a blissful 4 days! Oh, and food. Man, there’s a lot of good food on a cruise ship. I’m drooling a little, just thinking about it.

While on this trip (the day we’re in Cozumel, which is also St. Patrick’s Day) I will be celebrating a pretty big birthday–30. How the heck did that happen? A few days ago one of my co-workers was telling me that after my birthday I should probably start getting regular mammograms. I looked at her in confusion and said, “They don’t recommend that for 25 year-olds.” Uh, yeah. Not so much 25 anymore. But I still feel like I am! Actually, I feel about 20. It still shocks me sometimes that I’m allowed to go into a bar and drink. Or that I own my own house. My friend Maddie had a baby a few weeks ago and I can’t wrap my mind around it. Kids our age don’t have houses and babies! Except they do. Because we’re not kids, we’re grown-ups. So weird!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not upset about getting older–just incredulous. I think 30 is going to be an AMAZING year.  I have plots hammered out for at least 5 books and I plan to publish my booty off in the coming year. I can’t wait!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! On the 17th, raise a green beer to me. I will be on a beach in Mexico doing the same:)


4 thoughts on “dilemma

  1. Always tough deciding what to read while on vacation – Maeve Binchy has always been my favourite choice for vacay reading. Her books are easy to settle into, they have good characters, good stories, and aren’t too deep or depressing – just make for a very relaxing reading experience (although they might be a little long, depending on your reading speed) – My favourites are Evening Class, Quentins, and Scarlet Letter! Enjoy your trip!

  2. Congrats on the big 3-0, Rachel! A cruise and setting a goal of self-pubbing a bunch of books is a great way to celebrate the year! And, of course, a vaca with plenty of relaxed reading is a perfect plan.

    I’m currently re-reading Emily Giffin’s books to get my “chick-lit” mind and tone whirling as I take on writing my second contemp. romance book. I can recommend her books a million times. But I bet you’ve already read those….

    I loved Candace Bushnell’s _One Fifth Avenue._ That was a fun read.

    For a fun, quick-to-read, and “take me to Paris” kinda book (not chick-lit or YA but fun) check out David Lebovitz’s _The Sweet Life in Paris._ It’s also packed with fun recipes, but his story of packing up and moving to Paris was a delightful read! I loved it.

    Have a great time and keep on writing. You, as an indie writer of contemp. romance, are one of the biggest inspirations for me as I take on my own journey.

    Have fun and happy early b-day!

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