Let’s Get Fired Up

I have a new obsession.

Last week I spent a good sized portion of every evening watching the show Everest: Beyond the Limit (My book is with the editor. I’m allowed to watch some TV, right?). Then I went up to the cabin for a few days and felt like I was in withdrawal. It felt totally wrong to go to bed every night without my Everest adrenaline fix.

What is Everest: Beyond the Limit, you ask? I will tell you. It’s a fantastic reality show from the Discovery Channel, circa 2006 (I find really weird stuff on Netflix since I cancelled my cable). It chronicles an expedition of climbers attempting to summit Mt. Everest. It was only 19 episodes long, but they are 19 episodes of fantasticness.

You might well wonder what the draw is for me in a show like this. You may have heard that I dislike snow. You may also have heard a rumor that I’m terrified of heights. Both factoids are true–I do hate snow and being up high makes me break out into a cold sweat and start hyperventilating. But in spite of those things, watching this show makes me want to chuck it all in and become a mountaineer. Crazy, right?

I think the reason the show draws me in so much is related to its epicness. These are people that are trying to accomplish a feat that is literally the hardest thing they will ever do in their lives. Their desperation to succeed is palpable. I find myself rooting for them and feeling crazy excited when they make it. It’s the story of people who are passionate and driven beyond reason. And I can get behind that.

Since I started my publishing journey I find that I seek out these types of stories–stories of passion and drive. Stories of people following their dreams, and succeeding. Biggest Loser anyone? Amazing Race? I can’t get enough. And though all this might sound ridiculously corny, it’s also very true. For the first time in ages I’m feeling really fired up about my life. Writing has everything to do with that but even when I’m not writing I will happily sit and watch people climb Mt. Everest, or lose try to lose weight on television, or race around the globe in search of adventure.

I’m looking for the epic in life right now. I feel like great things are within my reach. Anything that adds to the general feeling of potential awesome is much appreciated.

I might even watch American Idol this week…




2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Fired Up

  1. Your post totally resonated with me. My current inspiration fix is The Biggest Loser as I am desperately trying to lose some weight and tone up. My blog fixes have been replaced by healthy blogs etc. Getting back into my old jeans will be my awesome. Running my first race in July will also be another hit of awesome.

    We all need something epic once in a while…you have that….every time you start (and finish) a book! Surely that is your Everest?

    If not these all make me go “AWESOME” and gasp:
    -People who trek across The Himalayas or similar “just for fun”
    -Bloggers who manage to get loads of followers and advertisers and awards…how? how how how?
    -People with stylishly decluttered houses alá The Amandas
    -People who reinvent their fashion personality and look so different and happy
    -Anyone who does anything amazingly kind/innovative for charity

    Good luck finding your mountain

    • Exactly! Sometimes we just need to be immersed in the inspirational. Hmm, maybe weight loss blogs would help me in that category. I need to do some internet sleuthing…Anyhow, thanks for stopping by!

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