Celebrate Kiki with a free ebook!

I wanted to share some of my excitement about the upcoming release of Kiki’s book so I’m offering the first book in the series, Three Girls and a Baby, for free on Amazon. If you don’t have Baby for your kindle yet, head over here to pick it up for free! Don’t have a kindle? You can download a free kindle app for your computer, phone, or iPad here.

One of the best things about publishing on Amazon is the opportunity I have had to interact with other authors, book bloggers, and book site creators. There is such dynamic community of people out there who love books and dedicate so much time sharing that passion with readers! My free book was featured on a few really cool websites today. I wanted to make sure to provide the links to those sites so you can check them out. If you have a kindle or kindle app I highly recommend you follow these awesome sites to keep up to date on kindle deals!

Free Kindle Books and Tips

Flurries of Words

Bargain eBook Hunter

Pixel of Ink


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