Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the reading order for the Three Girls series?

You should read the books in the following order: Three Girls and a Baby, Three Girls and a Weddding, Three Girls and a Leading Man, and The Truth About Ever After (A Three Girls Book)

What books feature cameos?

You can catch sight of familiar characters in all three Love Story books as well as in Lovestruck in London and Lovestruck in Los Angeles.

Do you have a mailing list for new releases?

Yes! Right here. And I promise to never spam you with it. I ONLY send out emails for new releases and  really big announcements. Sometimes I run contests only for mailing list members.

How can I contact you?

You can comment here on the blog, interact with me on Facebook or twitter, or email me at rachelschurigauthor@gmail.com

About Me

My name is Rachel, and I love books!

I love reading them, talking about them, and writing them!

I rarely go anywhere without a book in my hand (or in my bag). I’ll read just about anything, but my favorite genres are chick-lit and young adult. Sophie Kinsella, Gemma Townley, Liz Young, Marion Keyes, Meg Cabot, Jane Green, Harriet Evans, Carole Matthews, Sarah Dessen, and J.K. Rowling are some of my favorite authors.

Recently I decided to take the plunge and direct my love of books into writing my own novels. I’m so happy I did! I find writing to be one of the most satisfying experiences I have ever had! I hope I can share my love of stories and story telling with lots of readers.

When I’m not writing (or reading) I am most likely spending time with family (I have five siblings and seven nieces and nephews) or my dog, Lucy. I have an unhealthy addiction to reality television (Bravo, TLC, and HGTV are my downfalls) and I enjoy watching hockey–go Red Wings! In my free time, I enjoy decorating cakes and baking.

I live in Michigan. I enjoy spending time outside, especially in the forests and by the lakes in the northern part of the state. Camping, hiking, and boating are some of my favorite activities. And, of course, there’s nowhere better to read a good book than out in nature.

Thank you for spending time on my site. My books are available as paperbacks and ebooks. You’ll find links under the ‘books’ tab. Please check ’em out!

You can contact me by sending an email to rachelschurigauthor@gmail.com


32 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    This week’s IndieReader “Bestselling Self-Published Books” list is now posted (www.indiereader.com) and your title has made the list.

    Please feel free to spread the word and let me know if you have any questions.


  2. Hi Rachel! I just loved your books! I am actually hoping to entice you into joining Goodreads.com, a website I just love that makes it really easy to follow your favorite authors (or readers). Because you are a published author, you already have a profile on Goodreads:


    If you join Goodreads, you can claim this author profile and make it your own!

    Here’s hoping you do. Otherwise, I’ll just stay tuned to the blog! =)

    • Thank you so much, Starla! I’m so glad you enjoyed the series, your kind words make me so happy! I will definitely check out goodreads–I’ve been on there before but never really explored it fully. Thanks for the tip! I’m working on something else right now, but keep your eyes peeled for the Three Girls 9and Danny, too!) as I’m sure they’ll be making a comeback!

  3. Rachel! It’s Vicki…you know, Vicki from way back when 😉 I just found out thru Facebook you are a writer. That’s amazing! I love a lot of the same authors you do. I’m currently reading Where We Belong by Emily Giffith. I will definitely check out your books! Wanted to drop a line and say hello. Happy writing and hope all is well.

    • Hi, Vicki!! It’s so nice to hear from you! I hope you’re doing well 🙂 I have Where We Belong on my reading list, I hope it’s as good as her others. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 🙂

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Just finished Lovestruck in London and had to go purchase the other two! I really enjoyed this read. I am an avid book lover as well and from Michigan also! Northwestern Michigan to be exact – near the Traverse City area. I also have a hidden desire to write. I think that is why I related to this book, but am currently busy with a job I do enjoy and working to obtain my bachelor’s in business. It’s on my list of things to do thought! I really enjoyed your discriptiveness of all the sites in London as it is also a place I have longed to visit. I’ll be checking out your other books once I finish this series, which by the way I think could be movie worthy material!

    Best wishes and happy writing!


    • Thank you SO MUCH Kathleen! What a sweet note 🙂 I love Northern Michigan–my book An Unexpected Love Story is actually set in a northern city. It’s on the other side, though 😉

      If you are interested in writing I highly recommend National Novel Writing Month coming up here in November. It’s a great time to get some words down and meet other writers in your area.

  5. Stumbled upon your three girls books at the beginning of the year and nearly finished the love struck series!!! Can’t wait for the next lot to be released on iBooks!! Your books have made me realise how much I loved reading and I find it very difficult to put your books down!!


  6. Hi,
    I’m 19, and I got a Hudl 2 for Christmas. I instantly went onto google books hoping to find some free books to read. I saw Love Struck in London and thought to myself, maybe this will be a good book even though it’s a romance (I’m not into too much girly romance stuff). I’ve been having issues with reading lately due to depression and yet I can’t stop reading your book! Whenever I have spare time I’ll be sat reading it. I can not wait to get the rest of the Love Struck collection and finish reading this one 😀

    I’m doing the Pop Sugar 2015 Reading Challenge and after I finish your book I’ll be able to cross off one of the catergories 😀

  7. Hi Rachel, I have just finished reading Redeem, which I thoroughly enjoyed and means I have now read all your published books. As a Dyslexic I often struggle to find stories interesting enough to keep me reading. It has been a pleasure to read books from such a fantastic author, I quickly get absorbed into worlds you create and feel quite at a loss without another of your books to read. I look forward to further instalments and new series in the future. I wish you all the best and thank you again for some great reads.

    • Thank you so much, Kyrsty! My best friend is dyslexic and I have seen what a struggle that can be for him. I’m SO honored that you’ve been able to enjoy my books. I can’t wait to share my 2015 releases! ❤

  8. Wow Rachel I just found your Lovestruck series and read all four in the last four days! I love the coincidences and can not believe how similar this story is to the whe Robert Pattinson-FKA twigs story which I also just read about today on Hollywood life. I think since your books have been out over a year they must be secretly doing a screen play!! Even down to the cheating ex for Thomas/Robert. And if that’s not enough I also spent about half my life in Sterling Heights! It is always great to read about your home town, I can envision the whole Detroit side so well. Thank you for this series and I hope to read more!

    • Oooh, I like RPatz but I don’t think I know about this story. I’ll have to take a look 😉 I’m so glad you like them! I’m from the Detroit area as well, glad to bring back those memories 😉 Thank you!

  9. After starting a second book of yours, I had to chuckle when the girl was from Sterling Heights and previous book I read the girl lived in Royal Oak…..I figured you must also be from the metro Detroit area (I live in Warren). I enjoy your books. They are fun and clean…..and the characters who live in my area…that’s pretty cool.

  10. Hi Rachel. I am a rare male reader in London, England. I read Ransome on my phone and absolutely loved every page. Now enjoying Redeem and it is just as good. I read a lot and I think you are a very talented writer. Your characterization is so good I feel like I am close friends with all your characters. I look forward to reading more.

  11. i love reading your books and i just wanted to ask why dont you publish paperback could u give me paperbacks .plzzzzzzz. well i am shreya and i am big fan of your books. i loved your lovestruck in london and wanted to read the series in paperback .

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