Celebrate Kiki with a free ebook!

I wanted to share some of my excitement about the upcoming release of Kiki’s book so I’m offering the first book in the series, Three Girls and a Baby, for free on Amazon. If you don’t have Baby for your kindle yet, head over here to pick it up for free! Don’t have a kindle? You can download a free kindle app for your computer, phone, or iPad here.

One of the best things about publishing on Amazon is the opportunity I have had to interact with other authors, book bloggers, and book site creators. There is such dynamic community of people out there who love books and dedicate so much time sharing that passion with readers! My free book was featured on a few really cool websites today. I wanted to make sure to provide the links to those sites so you can check them out. If you have a kindle or kindle app I highly recommend you follow these awesome sites to keep up to date on kindle deals!

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Flurries of Words

Bargain eBook Hunter

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So much excitement! So much!!

Things are moving right along with the release of my fourth book, In Search of a Love Story. I can say with a good amount of certainty that it will be available for your kindle reading pleasure on Thursday, May 10th (paperback might take a little longer). Huzzah!

I am really excited about this book. Like, really, really excited. Writing it was kind of a struggle for me. I had a hard time getting into a flow until about half way through the writing process. I think I was just so used to writing about the Three Girls I had a hard time getting into a different character’s head. But once I did, I became really attached to this story and these characters. Because the writing process wasn’t all sunshine and roses, I think I feel even more strongly about this book. It’s all well and good to be proud of something that came easy–creating something that was hard fought gives even more satisfaction.

The reaction of readers to the Three Girls series was so positive and amazing. I really, really hope you guys like the new one as much. I know I do! I’ve sold more than 40,000 copies of the Three Girls books since January, which is absolutely mind blowing. I don’t know that I can ever really live up to that kind of response, and that’s okay. If people read and like this next book, I’ll be pleased as punch!

So to give you some idea of what I’ve been working on (and obsessing about. And sweating over. And crying about), I wanted to share with you the synopsis. And if you haven’t seen it on Facebook, I’ll also post the cover. My designer, Scarlett Rugers, once again did an AMAZING job on the cover art. Seriously, she is the best. My books would be wallowing in obscurity and none of you would have ever heard of them if it wasn’t for her awesomeness and eye-catching covers.

So, without further ado, I present In Search of a Love Story!

Emily Donovan doesn’t have a romantic bone in her body.

At least, that’s what her friends Ryan and Ashley keep telling her. They’re convinced her bad luck with men is directly related to her life-long lack of interest in all things romantic. When Emily’s latest relationship crashes and burns, she decides to go along with her friends’ plans for a romance research project. Sure, the idea that she’ll have better luck if she learns about the great romances of literature and film seems a little silly, but Emily figures it can’t hurt.

In no time at all, Emily finds herself buried under a mountain of romance novels, chick flicks, and sappy love songs, hopeful that her hard work will pay off with true love. When she meets Greg, Ashley and Ryan are convinced she’s found prince charming—after all, he’s rich, handsome, and totally into Emily. What more could she want? And why isn’t her friend Elliot exactly happy for her?

Faced with misunderstandings, miscommunications, and a seemingly endless string of missteps, she is nevertheless determined to give love a try. In doing so, Emily will eventually find that true romance, the kind that lasts, has little to do with stereotypes or clichés, and everything to do with finding out what’s in her own heart.

In Search of a Love Story, available on Amazon.com May 10th, 2012!

Where to go next…

I’m currently working hard on my next book and liking where it’s heading. I don’t have a set title yet, but I’ll let you know when I do!

I’ve been a little frustrated with myself because I haven’t been as productive as I could be. My day job has been so emotionally draining lately (and physically exhausting) and it’s hard to snap out of that and write when I get home. The other day I gave in and took a nap. Lucy, by the way, was thrilled about this, as it meant she got to lay on the couch with me. Anyhow, when I woke up, I had an idea for my next book pretty much fully formed in my head. So I guess sometimes being unproductive leads to inspiration, or something. At least I’ll tell myself that when laziness next strikes.

On the subject of being productive, I’ve been considering cancelling my internet at home. Cancelling my cable didn’t result in as many words written per day as I had hoped. The culprit? Netflix instant streaming. There are just so many good shows! And when they’re all there, episode after episode, just waiting for me, it’s so hard to turn it off and get to work. Since I cancelled my cable I’ve watched the entirety of Vampire Diaries (which I am totally obsessed with), Downton Abbey (also obsessed), Firefly, and Mad Men. So not good for my writing pace. Then there’s the general time suck of surfing the internet. Oy.

Now that I have the iPhone, I can use that for blogging, email, facebook, etc. Do I really need a home internet connection? What do you think? Could you live without internet? I’ll have to ponder it some more.

On that note, I should probably try to add to my word count before bed. Which means I should turn off Vampire Diaries. Even if they did just find out that Katherine is the doppleganger and Klaus is after her. I don’t need to see what happens next. Really. I don’t.

Oh, by the way, that idea I had for a new book? It may or may not involve Kiki Barker/Thompson. Just saying…