Two Brand New Lovestruck Stories!

There are two brand new Lovestruck stories releasing today!

The first is Lovestruck at Christmas, a holiday novella about Lizzie, Thomas, and all of their family and friends. I’m a giant sucker for anything Christmas related, so I had a really good time writing this one. I hope you like it as much as I do!


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The second Lovestruck story is called Sofie and the Movie Star. You can find this brand new story in the LOL Anthology #2, along with nine other original romantic comedy stories by some of my favorite authors. You get all ten stories for only $.99!


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15 thoughts on “Two Brand New Lovestruck Stories!


  2. I LOVE these books…its been so long since I’ve got into reading but I can’t put them down!! I’ve just downloaded the Christmas edition but understand it’s just a short story…when will the next book be out? THANKS for writing such fantastic books and for getting me into reading again 🙂 ! Liz

  3. I’ve just finished Lovestruck at Christmas and I’m anxious to read Sophie and the Movie Star. I’m not able to find it in iBooks/iTunes, is the short story not available on iBooks?

  4. Any chance Sof’s story is sold separately?! It’s now $3.99 on Amazon for the set. And I really just want her story. I LOVE THIS SERIES! I dreamt I forgot to plan my wedding because I was too busy traveling with my internationally famous fiancé the other night 😉 job well done!!

    • Hi, Tori! Eventually Sofie’s story will be published alone. I just got word that the LOL Anthology 2 is going back on sale at $.99 so you could pick it up for cheap if you don’t want to wait 😉

      And in just a few months, Sofie will be getting her very own, full length book ❤

      Don't worry, I dream about traveling the world with Thomas all the time, lol!

  5. Im a huga fan..The lovestruck series got me into reading again..and got me buying books as well..I havent read The Lovestuck Christman but I would love to get my hands on it. Where can I buy a copy?? Please..
    A faithfuk fan
    Peta Leota
    New Zealand..

  6. I absolutely love the Lovestruck series. I have fallen in love with both Thomas and Lizzie. When I finished reading Lovestruck in London I was thrilled to find at the end of the book that there was more to series and as I read on I needed more and more of them both. When I read in Love struck forever that Thomas had “cheated” on Lizzie, it nearly made me cry. I love the amount of things they over come. And now I find that there is In fact another book Lovestruck at Christmas. I read a sample of it but unfortunately it is not available in the UK. Which make quite sad. I need my questions to be answered. And I love the thought of more books to the series. I just can’t get enough of the series. Please tell how I can buy it in the UK. Many Thanks.

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