A Few Updates

I have been getting lots of questions about a release date for the new Ransom book. I’m happy you guys are eager and excited for Lennon’s story! I turned Rescue over to my editor last week, which means we’re getting close! It usually takes a few weeks to go through several rounds of editing and proofreading but that can vary quite a bit. That means I’m not able to give a firm release date quite yet. The holiday season can also impact the release date–many of the ebook vendors shut down for publishing over Christmas. I think it’s probably a safe bet to look at early January 2016 for the release. If everything happens to go quicker than expected, of course I’ll publish it ASAP! Stay tuned to my Facebook page and sign up for my newsletter for updates.

Did you guys check out A Three Girls Christmas? This is a short story about Annie, Ginny, and Jen and it’s available now! This short story was originally featured in a charity anthology several years ago but this is the first time you can purchase it on its own.

Three Girls Christmas Final-2

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Tomorrow is going to be another Stuff Your eReader event! Dozens of ebooks from bestselling authors will be available for free. These events are always really fun and there’s a great group of authors participating this time. Check my Facebook page and newsletter for links tomorrow!

For a short time, several of my books are available in the Kindle Unlimited library. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can access some of the Three Girls books and the Love Story books for free! These books won’t be in the program for long so check them out ASAP.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for being so patient with me! My schedule didn’t turn out quite as expected this year for a variety of reasons. I really got slowed down and my releases just didn’t happen as quickly as I would have liked. I know some of you were hoping for more Three Girls this year and another Lovestruck book. I wish I could have made that happen! My goal for 2016 is definitely MORE BOOKS! The good news is that I’ve started a brand new series and book one is almost finished! So we should be getting off to a good start with Rescue and something new early in the new year. I’m also hoping for a new Three Girls AND a new Lovestruck in 2016. And I’m not finished with Ransom yet either 😉

I hope you are all enjoying the season and staying warm if you’re in a snowy northern climate like me! I’ve been enjoying lots of Christmas movies by the fire with my Lucy dog curled up next to me 🙂


8 thoughts on “A Few Updates

  1. I hope that when you say you’re not done with Ransom, that you mean the father gets a story too! I would love to read his story and how he got to be so reserved and then slowly change to be a better man like the rest of our heroes!

    Happy holidays!

  2. I love love love the ransom series! I stay up all night to read each one until I’m done! I love every book and every character and just when i think i wont like the newest characters as much as the previous ones, I end up liking them more!
    I cant wait for the next one (and I’m kind of hoping you will do a prequel including the dad’s story between him and the mom) 😉. Love it all! Thanks for making me happy and a lover of reading again!

  3. I have read all of the Lovestuck books that you have released and I love every single one of them. Not just because my name is Lizzy and I also love to read and I’ve always dreamed of going to London but because they are really good! I just finished reading Starstruck and I can not wait for another in the series whether it’s focused on Jackson and Sofie or Lizzie and Thomas. I know either way it will be amazing. This has definitely become one of my favorite series!

  4. I haven’t really enjoyed reading in the past, but I came across 3 girls and ransome series and just loved them, I took interest in ransome because my surname is ransome, now iv read them all and waiting for Lennon, I enjoy reading your books and enjoy reading, thank you x

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